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Burden of DKD

The renal consequences of insufficiently controlled type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM)

40% of T2DM patients are affected by diabetic kidney disease (DKD), making it one of the most common complications of T2DM. 1

80% of the cost of managing T2DM is spent managing complications such as DKD and cardiovascular disease (CVD). 2

£26,835 the annual cost of managing one patient on dialysis. 3

The link between declining kidney function and mortality

Over 30% of patients with T2DM have micro or macroalbuminuria. 4
One of the earliest complications of T2DM is kidney decline. Kidney disease is associated with a 5x increase in mortality rates. 4

“Kidney disease predominantly accounts for the increased mortality observed in type 2 diabetes 4
Improvements in renal outcomes with Invokana are additional benefits only and not licensed indications.
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